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Tae Kwon Do,

Seon Muin Do


Seon Muin Do, Way of The Zen Warrior, is a traditional mixed martial arts that is Internationally recognized.  Master William Kennedy and Master Michael Kimmel (5th Dan and owner of Fierce Dragon Martial Arts) combined over 25 years of training and knowledge in a variety of martial arts and combined them to form Seon Muin Do.


Seon Muin Do takes all the skills from traditional martial arts and puts them together, to make a fun and effective form of self defense for people of all ages and abilities.


Everything from stand up to ground survival.  As you learn to protect yourself you are also getting into great shape, build confidence, and learn anything is possible with a little hard work.


We are a family center that takes our training very seriously and work hard everyday in and out of the do jang.  

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