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We offer Specialized Programs for Everyone!

It's not a Sport, It's a way of Life

At Twin Dragons Martial Arts we have programs for people of all ages, skill level, and abilities.  Not only do we have classes for kids, but adults as well.  We even have classes for kids that have special needs.  We teach to the group as well as the individual and make everyone feel comfortable with everything we do.  Take a look to see how we can help you and your family.

Kids Program -12 yr olds


The Childrens class focuses on teaching all of the areas of the martial arts while enhancing their life outside of the academy as well.  The children work in a structured environment to learn the techniques of Tae Kwon Do as well as several other martial arts to make them well rounded not only in the academy but in every day life as well.  Children are taught the basic mechanics of kicking and punching, self-defense, sparring and forms.  This program helps the elementary school child develop self confidence, discipline, respect and self control all while getting a fun cardio-vascular workout.  Bring your child in today and start them on their mission "To Black Belt and Beyond..."

Teen/Adults Ages 13+


Teens workout in the adult classes.  This program is designed to help teens to increase their self-confidence and self-discipline in all areas of their life.  Teenagers will gain the independance that they desire by learning to be responsible for their training and promotion in the martial arts.  Teens will "get off the couch" and get into shape with a fun, energetic and rigorous curriculum.  Teens will learn to defend themselves in all situations, and be confident in all settings, especially academics.  Our teens learn respect and how to properly deal with issues such as anger and stress in a positive way.


The martial arts can be a unique experience for any adult.  Adults work long hours, spend time in traffic and deal with matters of everyday life.  Our adult program helps all adults relive their stress, while getting in shape in a unique and interesting way.  Training is done in a friendly, rigorous, and structured environment that caters to the adults specific needs.  Adults learn hands on self-defense that will help them to gain confidence in all situation.  Adults will build muscle, lose weight and gain a new confidence.  Come down and try a new way to feel great about yourself.

Special Needs


We now have a class dedicated to those that are in need of a special needs class.  In our special needs class we work with kids that have autism, down syndrome and a variety of other challenges.  In this group we work on the same skills that a physical therapist or an occupational therapist would work on, everything from balance, coordination and even speech!  Everything is taught in a fun and exciting environment to build confindence and new skills.  


Come on in and see what new and exciting skills we can help your child with!



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